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How Is Tax Relief Helpful To People Who Need Help With Tax Debt?

trhtpWith the number of people who are struggling to make their business big, the number of tax relief companies also multiplies to catch people who will need help with tax debt. Having a tax debt is a really bad thing. Why? The government is really strict about taxes. It?s funny how they can give delayed salary to their employees but the taxes from the citizens can never come in late. Once you miss even a day of tax payment, it?ll automatically be considered past due or a back tax.

Good thing there are a lot of tax relief companies that offer various services about taxes. Taxes are one of the things that people struggle with. Aside from employment, the other thing every country?s citizen has a problem with is tax. There is never a year that a tax relief company will not receive a call asking for help with tax debt. There will always be numerous people asking for their help with back tax. Thanks to the tax relief companies Read the rest of this entry »

Talking Political PR, UK Style

Reports that former Labour leader Tony Blair is prepared to drop his opposition to electoral reform for the House of Commons and embrace the alternative vote (AV) system have been widely welcomed by the reform lobby. Even the Liberal Democrats, who advocate the single transferable vote (STV) system of proportional representation, are enthusiastic, saying that the apparent move towards AV indicates that Labour thinking is in a promising state of flux.

And, indeed, the reports do suggest that Blair might be in the process of changing his mind in the right direction. After Labour’s 1992 general election defeat, when pressure from within the party for electoral reform was at its height – with an increasingly vocal lobby arguing for the German-style additional member Read the rest of this entry »

Screw Voter Fraud, Let’s Talk Internet Voting

People are busy. Private industry Understands that reality. It has responded with computerized customer service strategies that offer the consumer expanded service options. Service strategies are designed to function 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they give the customer the power to proactively consume goods and services. Some examples are online banking and World Wide Web catalog sites which allow non-stop shopping in virtual malls.

If the past is any indicator, government customer service strategies will catch up to the private sector in five to ten years. We can quicken that pace by rethinking the election process and implementing online customer service delivery strategies that will make it easier for voters to consume election information and voter services.

Four high-volume services that Read the rest of this entry »

Terror Who?

Modern states–Britain, France, Russia, the United States, Japan–are now facing a new phenomenon, the terrorist. But who is this terrorist, who may be supported by weaker states or have no state support at all? To begin with, a terrorist is not a guerrilla. Guerrillas almost always are revolutionary fighters within the borders of their own state, and have a specific program for social change should they succeed in capturing the state apparatus. In contrast, terrorism may be viewed as the fallout from the forced modernization, thwarted leadership and failed revolutionary activity throughout the Third World. (Indigenous terrorists in Western countries are usually opposing their government’s policies toward the Third World.)

Terrorist acts are often desperate efforts to strike back at megapolitan oppressors who are regarded as historically responsible for the destruction of the terrorists’ traditional Read the rest of this entry »